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Frustrated with the used home market?

We are hearing it all the time…people want to move but there is low inventory of homes out there.  Buying a used home can be very competitive.

In order to compete most buyers are finding they have to write a non contingent offer.  In some cases this might mean selling their house first before they even begin looking at what is available.  This can cause stress and panic about finding the right home in the right time frame.

When building, the lot and plan and price can be projected up front, before making the decision to list your current home.  Once the lot is secured the anxiety of jumping at every new listing or worrying about being bumped is removed.

Since we know how important location is, we have gathered up a data base of available lots for every price range.

And are offering some great new designs to streamline the decision of what to build.  Of course, custom design is always an option!

So if you have been shopping in the $250-$300,000 range for a new home and want to find out what that will get you in a new construction build-

Schedule your Design Center Tour today!

We are waiting to share with you an alternative to buying a home in this frustrating market!

What are weight limits and why you should build now

One of the most asked questions around this time of the year is when we can start construction of our new home?  Most people do not know that we can build a house in the winter months.  There are a few things we do differently and a few advantages to building now.  One of those is avoiding weight limits.

Weight limits are a town or city ordinance in the early spring months prohibiting larger heavy equipment from traveling on designated roads when the frost is coming out.  It is meant to protect these roads from excessive damage.  Although the timing of weight limits is heavily influenced by the type of weather we are having they typically put them on around March 15th and take them off April 15th.

If you begin construction in January or February your new construction build might be far enough along that weight limits will never affect the timeline of your project.  Excavation equipment, concrete trucks and cranes used to set trusses are the most common vehicles and equipment kept off these designated roads during the restriction.  However, once you are sheet rocking and plastering, these materials can more easily be brought to the job site in smaller lighter vehicles.

The advantages to jump starting your job before Spring is usually a cleaner job site, a more accurate move-in date and a full summer in your home to begin your landscape!

So don’t wait for weight limits- begin your new build now!