Earth Month: Ways to do your part in New Construction!

Even though April is coming to a close, the message of Earth month is one builders should practice all year.  With new construction there are many good ways to implement environmental friendly practices on the job site!  Here are some of the building standards MDH has set for a more green built home!


To help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills from your new construction build, MDH works with a company that shakes out every dumpster to separate the paper and plastic waste for maximum recycling.  It is actually a pretty interesting process- you can watch the video here:


Landfill Reduction and Reclycling

Low VOC Finishes

Paints can contain solvents that have high quantities of VOCs  (volatile organic compounds) which are gases emitted into the environment.  We use low VOC paints and finishes to improve indoor breathing quality.  New construction homes are already safer than older homes which may have higher levels of lead, prominent in paint used before 1970.

5333 bedroom blue

Conserving Energy in the Future

While being earth conscious during the build is important, is it also crucial to consider the daily impact living in your new home will have.  That is why it is so important to MDH to offer great ways to increase the efficiency of your home!  From low-flow toilet options to save water to better insulation and higher rated furnaces- check out more of the great ways we are already increasing your home’s efficiency by partnering with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program!

foamed boxsills

And while there are many ways to go even greener, these are just a few of the methods in place by builders who care about mother nature, like Midwest Design Homes!  Remember to plant a tree for Arbor Day- evergreen trees on the north-west side to block the wind in winter and shade trees on the south side of your lot to cool your home in the heat of summer!

For more information on ways to increase your green status during your custom build- talk to a MDH New Home Consultant today: 920-759-9000!